Thursday, November 01, 2007

Chess Basics: Two Knights Redux

A few weeks ago we showed you the Two Knights Defense with Igor and Gleb. That clip gave you a good overview, but with the first tournament of the year coming up this weekend, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to study it a bit more deeply, since it’s one of the most popular openings in scholastic chess. This video from Evanston's Matt Pullin will help. You know the drill: click twice on the screen to watch. Go over it as many times as you need.

Also, if you’re playing in Sunday's tournament, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to review Scholar’s Mate.

Fairy Tale Ends. For a few days there it looked as if 13-year-old IM Ray Robson might have an undefeated tournament, but it was not to be. He dropped his first game in the 6th North American FIDE Invitational tournament last night to FM Igor Tsyganov. Ray is still in second place, however, and can still earn an IM norm. In other action, Chicago FM Albert Chow won an interesting game against WIM Ludmila Mokriak. It’s been an exciting tournament, and we’re barely over the hump, with four rounds remaining in the nine-round meet. Games here. Play resumes tonight at Touch Move Chess Center.