Thursday, August 16, 2007

Chess at the Speed of Light

You’ve seen Searching for Bobby Fischer, right? I’ll bet you thought those guys played pretty fast, didn’t you? But wait’ll you watch Grand Master and former U.S. chess champion Hikaru Nakamura against International Master Ben Finegold in a game of speed chess. Fasten your seatbelt, click twice on the screen to watch the video, and don’t blink—you’ll miss three moves.


Michael Goeller said...

Actually, I'm pretty sure it's Nakamura and GM Max Dlugy. Definitely not Finegold, who is much heavier...

Tom Panelas said...


You're right: good call. A glance at GM Dlugy's FIDE rating card reveals that he and the guy playing Black against Nakamura are one and the same.

Seeing this, I went back to YouTube and realized I'd misread the squib that went with the video. It indeed IDs Dlugy as Nakamura's opponent and says that Finegold is the guy kibbutzing in the background.

Since text changes to blog-posted YouTube videos cause the video to disappear, I will forego doing the usual bloggish thing of changing the text with a strikethrough of the old. These comments will serve as the correction.

Thanks, again, Michael.

Michael Goeller said...

Glad to help -- though, please forgive me that I can't stop myself from noting that Finegold is "kibitzing" and not "kibbutzing".

P.S: sorry for not citing the Britannica on that one.

Tom Panelas said...

True, and yet, depending on where the event was taking place, I suppose he could have been kibbutzing while he was kibitzing.

Ilanchess said...

These guys are really fast too, They are playing bughouse..

Tom Panelas said...

I almost got whiplash watching that. Thanks, Ilan. And you oughta know.

For readers who may not be aware of it, our esteemed commentator here is Ilan Meerovich, chess star of Niles North High School. He and his partner Daniel McNally (Maine South HS), are the national high school Bughouse champions. If you have the latest issue of Chess Life, you can see a photo of them enroute to victory a few months ago.

We haven’t played any Bughouse at Ray School, but I think we’ll introduce it at this year’s picnic. It’s a lot of fun.

For everyone’s convenience here’s a hot link to the YouTube clip Ilan mentions.