Monday, June 08, 2009

Leon Takes the Plunge

Good news: My neightbor, the expertish chess player Leon Shernoff, has started a chess blog. Finally, Hyde Park has a chess blogger who actually knows something about chess.

A visit to the site and a cursory glance at it reveal that one is in the presence of some serious chess analysis. Today's post in particular, about a game Leon played at the 2002 World Open, is something to be studied with monkish care. Print it out, set up the board, and work through the game. Strike a blow against the disease of multitasking and give it your undivided attention for a couple of hours. I think you'll find it's time well spent.

Leon is your basic Hyde Park Renaissance man, whose interests define a golden braid running from chess to music to mushrooms. He's been relatively inactive in chess of late, and if he decides to get back into the royal game it will be very good for chess in Chicago and Hyde Park.

Please visit "Music, chess and mushrooms" and give Leon plenty of comments and encouragement.