Saturday, March 17, 2007

CPS Chess Fiasco in Chicago Tribune

Alternative City Championship April 21 at Burbank

The dustup over last week’s chaotic Chicago Public Schools chess championship tournament has made it to the front page of today’s Chicago Tribune:

At kids' chess tourney, chaos calls checkmate

Reporter Stephanie Banchero tells the story well; in my judgment she gets it exactly right. The April 21 alternative championship tournament she mentions in the article will take place at Burbank Elementary School, and we will be there. Please save the date. I’m confident this will be an enjoyable, well-run event that Ray kids will like.

Also, see Lamarr Wilson’s blog report on the Tribune article. More on all of this to come. Please stay tuned.


Lamarr Wilson said...

I'm glad Ray will be there; your kids deserve a real tournament. Also, Phillip can join them this time as well!