Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Can We Save the Chess Meetup Group?

I just got an e-mail notifying me that the Chicago Chess Meetup Group, which has been a force in the local chess scene for the past three years, is currently without a coordinator and will be shut down automatically by Meetup.com on August 26 if no one steps forward to pick up the reins. Will anybody out there volunteer to keep the group going?

Under the leadership of Jae Lim and Peleg Holzman and with the help of prominent local chess players such as IM Angelo Young and FM Albert Chow, the Chess Meetup Group has held regular get-togethers for chess players as well as a series chess lectures, many of them conducted by Angelo at his club, the Touch Move Chess Center.

They've done their part; now it's somebody else's turn. It would be a shame to see the Chess Meetup Group die. I can't serve as the coordinator myself, but I and nearly 300 other chess players who belong to the group would be deeply grateful for anyone else who could.

Is there anyone out there who can take this on board? Go here if you're interested. And thanks.


Liquid Egg Product said...

Um...I could move to Chicago?

Tom Panelas said...

We'd love to have you here, LEP. We're chess-celebrity deprived in the Windy City, and your presence would add cred to our attempts to put this burg on the chess map.