Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chess and the Beast Within

From that quitessential Midwestern burg of Muncie, Indiana—Middletown to you sociologists—comes fresh evidence of chess’s ability to drive otherwise well-behaved people to depravity—as if we didn't already know it could. The Muncie Star Press reports:

“According to court documents, [Michael A.] Madden told police that after the argument broke out during their chess match, his alleged victim tried to attack him three times.

“In one instance, Madden said, he held the man down, by his throat, on a couch and used a knife to ‘flick’ the victim’s nostril, creating a small cut.

“The man was cut on the left side of his abdomen when he attacked him for a third time, Madden said. Police said the victim had a softball-sized wound.”

Losing hurts, and losing at chess hurts more because it's your own fault. You beat a person at chess at your peril.


The Chess Dad said...

What a shame! We should teach kids or other chess players how to deal with losings.