Friday, December 07, 2007

Blunder and Win

Patzer vs. Patzer

Kids, take note: Just because you make mistakes, it doesn’t mean you lose. I made plenty of blunders and weak moves in this online blitz game (like not playing 11. Bxb7 - ?), but my opponent made more of them.

To err is human, so whenever you’re playing one you can expect some errors. When you make one yourself, just take a deep breath, move on, and wait for your adversary to make the next one. (Oh, yes, and don’t make any more of them yourself.)

Comments on the game welcome, though please don’t be too unkind.


Anonymous said...

i would have played 18.Bxe8 and after ..RxQ 19.fxR you are two rooks and two bishops up. generally i believe its a good idea to give up a Queen for both rooks - especially when you are already up in material.