Friday, February 08, 2008

Adios, DG

Ace Blogger Hangs It Up

It’s a sad day in the blogosphere and a sad day for chess. David Glickman, who has blogged for years at Boston’s Boylston Chess Club under the moniker “DG,” has announced today that he will take a permanent hiatus from blogging. Whether it’s the unexpected results of the Super Bowl or just wanderlust, he feels the urge to move on.

DG is one of the best in the business: by turns intelligent, articulate, wise, and funny. Creative, too. The occasional write-the-caption challenges you see here are a direct rip-off from Boylston, and much of the other material you see here and at chess blogs everywhere owes many less-obvious debts to his example and high standards.

In due course I will try to pull together a tribute cum roundup of his best pieces. I’d welcome suggestions from anyone who reads him regularly.

Good luck, DG.


Anonymous said...

Already a nice tribute. Clearly this gentleman is afforded through his contributions a very high regard.