Friday, February 01, 2008

More Gems from Jersey

Michael Goeller, the Big Brain of American chess bloggers, the Streatham & Brixton of the New World, has done it again. Emanting from his perch in suburban New Jersey, Michael’s latest confection of a post provides a guide for the perplexed on the subject of “chess publishing,” which nowadays increasingly means creating a chess Web site and putting a lot of cool stuff on it, like position diagrams and whole games in Portable Game Notation that your readers can punch through move-by-move with the mouse.

Since I do some primitive chess publishing here, I’ve been asked by friends and colleagues to post something similar by way of providing advice to the technically disinclined. Michael has beaten me to it, however, and he is better qualified for the task to boot.

If you have a chess site or blog or even the faintest aspiration of someday having one, check it out. While you’re at it, see this, too.


Michael Goeller said...

Thanks for the link, though I'm always embarrassed by such praise...

As I say in the piece, I sat down to write it so that I also could answer questions from people who email me regarding online chess publishing. But I think the post will likely seem outdated within a month -- there is just so much new Web 2.0 publishing software coming out every day and the products that are out keep improving.

Tom Panelas said...


Thanks. I know we can count on you to keep us all up to date as the digital revolution proceeds.