Friday, July 18, 2008

Your Moment of Zen XI

For those of you wondering why I have't gone out and bought my cats one of thise spiffy kitty playgrounds like the one Elizabeth Vicary has (scroll down in the post), it's really quite simple: I'm not sure they'll use it.

While Elizabeth's cats are obviously intelligent enough to know when something is intended for their use, I have no such confidence in Lyra (pictured here) and Yoda. They're always in the way, getting under foot, and appropriating houshold items that simply weren't meant for feline use. The root of the problem, I reluctantly conclude, is that they just aren't that smart. I know that must sound terribly insensitive and speciesist in these times of harmonic convergence, when all the creatures of the earth coexist on a basis of mutual respect, but there it is.

Feel free to provide captions to the above. The same prizes as always are on offer for the best.


Elizabeth Vicary said...

Oh, my cats love my ches set also, but I think it's just because they sense I like it. Also, because the pieces can be knocked off the table and made to roll around.

Tom Panelas said...

I hear you, Elizabeth, especially about stuff that can be knocked onto the floor. Cats live for that.

Mine like to occupy any object that's the focus of human activity, thus bringing a halt to that activity and refocusing human attention on cats. And it works.

Come to think of it, then, maybe they're pretty smart after all.

Polly said...

Those cats look pretty smart to me. They're completely controlling the center right of the opening. What more can you ask for?

Tom Panelas said...

Talk about a closed game, eh?

Thanks, Polly: you're right. I take back what I said questioning Lyra's intelligence. She dominates the board. Cheers.