Sunday, January 14, 2007

Photos: Ray Chess Kids in Action

We have photos from recent chess club events, including the December tournament at Burbank School and our fall picnic. There's more to come, but enjoy these for now. Thanks to chess mom Sharlene Holly for the Burbank pix.

If you're playing chess at home, or anywhere else, please take pictures and send them in. Would anyone like to take photos at a Monday chess club meeting?

And don't forget next Saturday's tournament at Lafayette. Please let me know if you're going.

P.S. Sound advice: Never judge an opponent by her appearance—especially when she has the white pieces. (Hat tip: Susan Polgar's blog)


Unknown said...

Hey Tom,

Pics looks great; very clear, etc. I might swing by the Sat. tournament (that's a big "might." I'm way behind on some work from being sick the last week or so). Talk to you soon!