Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Chess Miscellany

A hodge-podge of unrelated items:

  • Tonight is Math Family Night at Ray School, and since chess and math are kindred pursuits, all chess players are hereby encouraged to attend. (And hey, how about that new Ray Web site?)

  • Congraltulations to Phillip Parker-Turner, who won another tournament last weekend.

  • Congratulations also to Sam Schmakel, a 5th-grader at Chicago's Decatur Classical School and possibly the best elementary school chess player in the state, who has been named “Chess Youth of the Month” by And let us take the opportunity to offer kudos as well to Sam's mother, Eileen Schmakel, a benevolent force of nature in the chess world, who, when time comes for a “Chess Mom of the Month” award to be given, will surely be one of the first.

  • New chess classes for players at all levels begin this weekend at Touch Move Chess Center, the new chess club started by IM Angelo Young, the defending Illinois state chess champion. Details here, or call or write for more information.