Monday, August 13, 2007

Write the Caption

Lest anyone think the Boylston Chess Club has a monopoly on funny chess photos, here's one from us. We do, however, gratefully acknowledge BCC as the source of our inspiration.

Leave your caption as a comment below. If nobody enters, I keep the prize.


Anonymous said...

In three-dimensional chess, there's a mathematical probability of three million moves per turn, and in the course of the game, three million million moves per succeeding turn. And in all that mess you expect me to make a plan? I'm just a country doctor, not a magician, you pointy-eared, green-blooded chessplayer!

DG said...

Tom - While it's certainly true that I don't have a monopoly (nor should I), in this particular case you are about two years behind the times -- see here. :)

Tom Panelas said...


I might have guessed. Sometimes I think it's all been said at BCC; the rest of us just recycle it. :o)

What was it someone once said about footnotes to Plato?


gorckat said...

Helluva Rook-lift, Spock.

chessdad64 said...

"Spock -- see what a lousy turnout you get for your 3-D chess tournament when you shedule it at the same time Sevan is running one of his...."

CT said...

Txdb7 and mate in 256

Tom Panelas said...

Wow, so there are actually some people reading this blog. I would never have suspected as much.

Thanks, everyone, for the very clever captions. We'll have to have more of these "interactive" features.