Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Robson Wins Again

Young Ray Robson, the Florida chess master who’s playing in a high-level FIDE tournament here in Chicago, won again last night, this time claiming local FM and former Illinois champ Albert Chow as his victim. See the game here.

Since I wasn’t there at the Touch Move Chess Center to see it happen, I’ll let organizer Sevan Muradian give you the play-by-play for the tournament’s Round 3:

“The first to lay claim to victory was FM Ray Robson, who played a spectacular game against local veteran FM Albert Chow. In backroom analysis it appears (or at least it was my understanding) that Ray's preparation was inspired by the Ivanchuk-Leko rapid match.

“IM's Vigorito and Muhammad played a long game (they were last to finish) with IM Vigorito emerging victorious. A great and highly educational game.

“The Music City Master, FM Todd Andrews, scored his first full point against the Kansas Tornado, WIM Ludamila Mokriak. FM Andrews rebounded over a disappointing day 1 start.

“FM Mehmed Pasalic scored a full point against Canadian DaleHaessel. Two center connected passed pawns and pieces bearing down on Haessel's kingside made it a difficult game for Dale. But he carried on and fought a good fight showing the type of spirit any organizer can hope for.

“The only drawn game came from IM Angelo Young and FM Igor Tsyganov. It was a topsy turvy game with the advantage shifting from one side to the other. Alas the ravenous beast of time caught up with both of them and they agreed to a

“I said it before and I'll say it again. This is definitely the type of tournament an organizer can ask for. Fighting spirit, decisive games, and great people.”

Susan’s got it covered, too. Vigorito, Pasalic, Robson are tied for the lead after the third round with 2.5 each. Current standings here. Go here to play through the games. Round 4 tonight at 6:30.