Wednesday, May 07, 2008

More Fried Liver

Here's your Wacky Wednesday game for this week, kids. Some time ago we showed you a game in which Black made the worst possible move in response to the Fried Liver Attack. This one is a close second. 7. ... Ke8 may not spell certain doom, but in combination with 8. ... Nb4 it does. Better, it seems, would be 8. ... Qf6.

Of course, 7. ... Ke6 would have been the right move in the first place. For that matter, I'm told Black should really play 5. ... Na5 and avoid the Fried Liver Attack all together. That's not as much fun, though.


Unknown said...

Great puzzle! I remember getting so owned by a young Kayin, Javier, and the other Beasley bunch back in the early 2000's with this opening, and I studied it until I knew that I couldn't get fooled by it. This is a good puzzle because it shows that just because black blocks with the pawn, it isn't the end for white to keep attacking viciously.

Please tell me that you weren't black Tom. :)