Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Virtual Chess Team

At this moment the national K-6 chess championships are under way in Pittsburgh (Ray School being ably represented by Sonam Ford, incidentally). At that tournament, an egregious injustice is being perpetrated against the great state of Illinois and several of our top young chess players, and while we here at Castle Kimbark have been remiss in reporting about it, Chessdad64 is on the case.

It comes down to this:

“The Illinois State K-3 Championship team from School District 103 in Lincolnshire, Illinois, perhaps the strongest K-3 squad in the nation, is being denied the opportunity to compete as a team by the USCF’s Scholastic Council.”

Fortunately, Chessdad has a brilliant and mischievous solution, one that exploits the ability of the Internet and citizen media to undermine abuses of power by arrogant elites. His plan: recompute the standings throughout the tournament, treating Lincolnshire as the recognized team it should be, see how they do against the other top recognized teams, and report the results.

Right now Lincolnshire is ahead. Follow the action as it unfolds at the 64 Square Jungle.