Monday, August 06, 2007

Eschew your food

The expression “liquid diet” is generally a euphemism for hitting the sauce. One reason people recognize it as a term of art for excessive alcohol consumption is that few people ever go on a real liquid diet. But Lamarr Wilson is doing it. The educational technologist, former chess coach, webmaster emeritus, and friend of Ray School says he won't take solid food for the next 30 days. Only juices.

“I am embarking on an amazing 30-day juice fast,” he announced in a blog post today. “Why am I doing this?”

Losing weight is one reason, he says, but it goes well beyond that.

“I don't have a lot of energy/stamina, and my system is sluggish. I'm doing this fast to detox my system. One of the benefits is that I will lose weight, but the main reason is to get the toxins and other garbage out of my body. If I focus on that, the weight loss will come.”

Inveterate blogger that he is, Lamarr will chronicle the whole thing on his weblog. Look for his reports at

Good luck, Lamarr. I hope you’re successful and that the fast makes you feel better. I’m interested to hear how it affects your chess game.


Unknown said...

I think that after my mind and body are cleared I'll finally be able to beat Phillip. :)

Thanks for the support (or PRESSURE) via your blog post. Now I actually have to do this!

Tom Panelas said...

First day of the fast and you're having delusions already? :o)

Good luck in these next couple of days especially.