Friday, November 02, 2007

Chicago’s FIDE Meet: A Player’s View

“I never had a chance against Young and he ground me down.”

FM Todd Andrews

As the 6th North American FIDE Invitational heads into its final three rounds, player Todd Andrews, a FIDE Master and member of the Tennessee Tempo of the U.S. Chess League, has today provided his personal perspective on the tournament at the USCF site. His lengthy blog post includes a rich lode of commentary and game annotations.

Todd Andrews

Last night tournament favorite Ray Robson got back on the winning track after a round-five setback by beating Dale Haessel, and Illinois state champ IM Angelo Young defeated IM Stephen Muhammad, who played the Dutch Defense. (Side note to Chessdad64: Twas the Blackburne Variation. My seconds have confirmed it.) It was perhaps the most interesting game of the night. Standings here, games here.

Tonight’s main event: Robson vs. Young, 6:30 at Touch Move Chess Center, 5639 N. Ashland.

Minor Quibble: Should it be the Tennessee Tempi? There are six players on the team.

photo: Sevan Muradian (I think!)