Thursday, November 08, 2007

Karpov to Headline Education Seminar

Several Chicago chess educators will get together to hold a seminar on “Chess in Education” on Sunday, January 13 in Oak Brook, Ill. Teachers, parents, and coaches are all welcome, and teachers who attend will get professional-development credits.

Former World Champion Anatoly Karpov

Ths cost is $40 for the three-hour session at the Double Tree Hotel, the hallowed venue of many a recent chess struggle.

In schools around the country chess is rapidly moving beyond its traditional role as an extra-curricular activity and increasingly becoming part of the curriculum. One reason for the trend is the voluminous research showing that chess can help teach math and other subjects while promoting cognitive skills and cultivating virtues such as patience. You’ll hear the whole story from Dr. Mikhail Korenman of Chess for Peace and IntECS, John Buky of Chicago’s Chess Academy, and the U.S. Chess Federation’s scholastic chess director Jerry Nash.

Did I mention that former chess World Champion Anatoly Karpov will be there? I’m not kidding: read the flyer to find out about that and how to sign up.

The seminar is part of a larger weekend confab on scholastic chess that Dr. Korenman is holding. Details here. It looks big.