Friday, January 25, 2008

New World—Brave or Cowardly?

This video has nothing to do with chess, and I don’t even agree with all of it, but I find it captivating nevertheless.

Your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Interesting Vid.

Raises some compelling questions about the direction of our interaction with machines, I think.

Love Your Blog!


Polly said...

That was was a really interesting video. Looking at all the code.....It's all Geek to me. :-)

I can't even get HTML tags to work in the comments.

Tom Panelas said...

Tom: Thanks. Your site looks pretty cool, too, and I've added a link to my list.

Polly: Could you drop me a line sometime if you feel like it? I'd enjoy corresponding with you directly. I tried e-mailing you at the address on your blog, but it bounced back.

I'll be happy to explain how to put links and tags into comments. :o)

I was actually thinking about your ambivalence toward the Internet when I posted this video.

Anonymous said...

wow...makes my head spin.......very interesting ...brad

Anonymous said...


Thank You For The Link!

M. Thomas Southerland (